Specialty Construction

The Berger team is ready for your specialty construction project—we’ve had success in everything from power generation cooling ponds to professional athletic fields. We’ll use our expertise and advanced equipment to deliver the most efficient, cost-effective results, even for complex projects.


Collaboration & planning

The key to any specialty construction project is planning. That’s why our project managers spend countless hours planning detailed schedules, which are reviewed with all field superintendents and foremen to ensure a precise and accurate delivery.

As a subcontractor, we understand that planning begins in the bidding stage. From the start, we use open communication with the general contractor or owner to prepare an accurate cost and timeline. Relationships and teamwork matter, so we work closely with the general contractor and other subcontractors to coordinate scheduling to reduce any potential conflicts. All of this maximizes efficiency, keeps the process running smoothly, and delivers the best possible end result to our clients.