IDOT Intersection Improvement

Project Location: Gurnee and Waukegan, IL
Project Stats
9,000 tons of recycled aggregate
8,200 Cubic Yards of Earthmoving

The Work

As part of the Rebuild Illinois Initiative put forward by Governor Pritzker and the State of Illinois, the Illinois Department of Transportation targeted the intersection of Illinois 120 at O’Plaine Road in Gurnee and Waukegan for road improvements. This project is meant to make the intersection safer and improve traffic flow for the many commuters who pass through this busy section of Lake County.

Berger was tasked to widen the roadway, improve the traffic signal and pedestrian walkways, and resurface the road. The design of the project includes channelization, which means lanes are reconfigured so traffic can safely and swiftly move through the intersection. Berger is adding ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps for increased accessibility.

The Challenge

This is an important intersection to the area, heavily trafficked due to nearby access to I-94. In addition, several nearby roadway improvements are happening simultaneously. Berger had a unique advantage in understanding and working with the traffic in the area, as the intersection is close to home—located within 16 miles of our yards. We took on the challenge to complete the roadwork while ensuring the high volumes of traffic could continue to flow.  

In addition, our nearby yards contribute immense value toward swift and efficient work. Berger is able to utilize roughly 9,000 tons of recycled aggregate produced by our facilities, as well as making use of our dump facilities, resources, and trucking throughout the project. With this large inventory of resources nearby, we can be proactive in our approach to the work, but also can react to any unforeseen circumstances in an expeditious manner.

The Result

With hard work and planning that prioritizes our commitment to safety and continued traffic flow, this project is on track to be completed on schedule, making a large impact on the flow of traffic in the area once complete. All improvements will contribute to the safety and accessibility of the area for residents, strengthening the larger transportation system for Lake County and Illinois.

Berger is proud to be a part of these improvements, which contribute to a stronger infrastructure for the state and help nearby residents and businesses thrive.